Danyelle Solana

Founder, Master Trainer, and Master Choreographer


Austin, TX, native, Danyelle “Sweet Dee” Solana has been a fitness and dance professional with a combined 20 plus years of experience in a variety of dance styles and fitness formats including Body Beats by DeeĀ®. She holds a number of certifications in fitness, dance and nutrition as well as a Biology degree from Hawaii Pacific University. She understands how quickly things change in the health and fitness industry so she furthers her education and stays on top of the game with continuing education courses, new certifications and hands on workshops and trainings. Danyelle loves to inspire and motivate people to find what moves them whether in the gym or on the dance floor. Danyelle currently resides in San Diego, CA where she teaches a variety of classes as well as performs with The Pixie Stixx Burlesque Troupe.

Danyelle created Body Beats back in 2007 completely by accident! She was originally hired to teach a nighttime hip-hop class, but was one day asked to sub a morning class for 4 months! Hesitant at first, she agreed. Although she had been certified to teach group fitness, she was heavily trained in a studio setting, not a gym. She started by making up routines off the top of her head just to get the class going, although she would never remember what she had previously taught. Then one day she noticed that people were starting to remember steps or ask for specific choreography to specific songs. As an experiment, she choreographed a routine and taught it one day. People loved it and responded to it quickly. Sh
e started building her library of choreographed routines, grew her classes up to 60 people, and had a total of 6 classes a week! The rest is history!